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Murphy bed: a practical piece of furniture?

A Murphy bed can be useful in cases where you want to have more room for your family members or guests. However the Murphy bed has its own disadvantages that should be taken into account before fully committing to it. Is the Murphy bed the right choice for your space?

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Wall bed as a space-saving spare bed – is it a smart solution?

A wall bed is an option if you wish to have more space and you don’t want to sacrifice any room from the floor. In this article, we are covering the pros and cons of a wall bed.

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Why buy a Tablebed?

Tablebed, the piece of furniture that folds from a table into a bed in 10 seconds may feel expensive and bulky at first. After getting to know better the usage of Tablebed, you will notice how multifunctional it actually is. In this article, we are covering several misunderstandings about Tablebed.

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The interior of a small studio apartment

The interior of a small studio apartment is often a compromise between style, storage space, budget, and needs. There is a limited number of square meters in a studio apartment where you need to fit all your belongings and things you need for living. Eating, sleeping, free time, hobbies, and inviting friends over are all things that demand space. But how to furnish a small studio apartment and even fit in a dining table for 6 to host fun get-togethers?

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