Naantali Housing Fair 2022 – Tablebed at Lounakallio property

Asuntomessut 2022, is a popular annual housing fair for everyone interested in all things related to housing, from exterior to interior. This year’s housing fair is held on the beautiful island of Luonnonmaa in Naantali, right next to the summer residence of the President of the Republic of Finland. The Housing Fair will take place from July 15 to August 14, 2022.

Lounatuuli, the 2022 housing fair area in Naantali, is a quiet and natural residential area. Luonnonmaa is a short distance from the center of Naantali and the shopping center area of Raisio.

Asuntomessut says that the nature of the surrounding environment has been respected from the planning stage of the sites and the builders have been asked to take into account the original shapes of the terrain and preserve vegetation as much as possible.

At the Naantali Housing Fair, there are more or less ten different housing constructors. You will be able to see several log houses in the Housing Fair area, but also wooden, CLT, and stone houses. Check out all Naantali 2022 housings on the Asuntomessut website.

At the Housing Fair 2022 in Naantali, you will have an opportunity to visit leisure apartments that are Finland’s first sauna townhouse will be built. The location of the leisure apartments is right along the Lounatuuli beach area. You can find out more about the location of Naantali’s 2022 houses using the map provided by Asuntomessut.

Modern exterior of Lounakallio housings at Naantali Housing Fair in Luonnonmaa.
As. Oy Lounakallio properties lay on a rocky plot in the Luonnonmaa area, Naantali (photo: Lounakallio)

The Housing Fair 2022 focuses on sustainable building

Every year, Asuntomessut announces its main themes of the housing fair. For the year 2022, the focus is on responsible and sustainable housing solutions. The Housing Fair has four key themes: respect for nature, pioneer of solar energy, happiness, and the creation of homes on an island right next to the city.

Tablebed at the Naantali housing fair in Lounakallio property

The multifunctionality and functional flexibility of the housings can be boosted as easily as with the help of multifunctional furniture. For example, at the As. Oy Lounakallio’s property can be seen Tablebed, a Finnish patented furniture innovation, that transforms from a table to a bed in 10 seconds. With Tablebed, one space can be used for multiple different purposes – from a home office to a guest room or craft room like in the Lounakallio property. Lounakallio properties are 30 A & B and 31 C & D. Tablebed locates in building 30 A, on the first floor’s home office space.

Naantali Housing Fair's housing property As Oy Luonnonmaa focuses on modern exterior and interior solutions that last for generations, including steel as building's raw material.
Lounakallio exterior details include wood, steel, and stone (photo: Lounakallio)
Lounakallio's modern interior of sauna and dressing room area focuses on white and beige color tones.
Lounakallio modern sauna and dressing room area (photo: Lounakallio)

Lounakallio’s modern houses are built on a rocky plot right by the sea. The Lounakallio housings focus on the ecological aspect as it is cost-effective, sustainable, and, above all, beautiful. The materials focus on wood, steel, and stone. Furthermore, Lounakallio has mainly used local operators.

The goal for Lounakallio has been to create a “good life’s house” for several generations. The life cycle of the buildings will be several hundred years, and the principle has been to make homes whose value will remain for generations to come. Lounakallio’s house design ideas are done by architects Kristjan Tölk and Olavi Kukk from Trilog studio.

Functional flexibility and easily transformable space with the multifunctional Finnish furniture innovation Tablebed

In the Lounakallio properties at the Naantali Housing Fair, investment is made in flexible and high-quality solutions. This decision enables housing costs to remain reasonable for the future. Flexibility and high-quality solutions are also noticed while on Lounakallio’s interior design choices, which also include the Finnish patented furniture innovation Tablebed, which is both designed and made in Finland.

Tablebed as a table with breakfast setup.
Tablebed as a bed with a breakfast setup. With the help of multifunctional Tablebed, you can easily create a versatile space.
Multifunctional Tablebed opened by a person, transforming the six person's table into two person's bed.
A multifunctional Tablebed is an excellent furniture solution when designing a versatile and functional flexible space (photo: Dominika Montonen-Koivisto)

Tablebed products are an excellent way to enhance the use of the space; why leave the guest room unused when the space can also be used as your own hobby room? As a table for six people, Tablebed creates an excellent workspace for several people. Tablebed is a smart furniture solution also for crafts room thanks to its large surface. As a bed, the Tablebed offers two people a comfortable sleeping opportunity. At the Lounakallio property, Tablebed is used as a home office setup and as a bed in the guest room in building 30 A.

The popularity of unnoticeable storage solutions has grown rapidly, and this will also be noticed at the Naantali Housing Fair. Integrated refrigerators and dishwashers that have become very popular during the last decade, are also good examples of inconspicuous interior solutions regarding storage. If you’re keen on these kinds of interior solutions, storage space that can be hidden in plain sight, Tablebed is your go-to solution. The furniture innovation has 4 cm storage for bedding or linen when used as a table. Learn other characteristics Tablebed possesses