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Small living room interior ideas

Living rooms have multiple ways to be used: host guests, sleep, play, and maybe even dine. It can also be used as an area for hobbies such as doing home exercises, yoga, or having board game nights with your friends. And even though you rarely see...

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Tablebed in a small bedroom

Small bedroom interior ideas

When a bed covers most of the bedroom’s floor area, the room is often seen only as a place that is dedicated to sleeping. Maximization of space would be good, especially in a small apartment, so how to achieve it?

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Try Tablebed in the Spring fair

Welcome to test out the Tablebed in the Springfair in Helsinki. The fair is being held in Messukeskus, the Expo and convention centre. We will have two Tablebeds in our section, one as a table and the other as a bed. Feel free to come and test how...

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Tablebed’s webshop is now open

Tablebed’s own webshop has now been released. You can easily order your own Tablebed, and pay straight away with your banks online payment system. Order today, and you’ll get your own Tablebed delivered to your home in a few weeks.

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