TIME recognizes Finnish design innovation Tablebed

Tablebed is a new kind of space-saving furniture that turns from table to bed in 10 seconds. The Finnish design invention received a special mention in TIME’s 2021 Best Inventions list.

“Our first shipment to the US is about to leave Finland, so we couldn’t have asked for better timing for this recognition from TIME. A heartfelt thank you to the TIME jury for seeing the ingenuity of Tablebed! The future norm will be flexible spaces both in private homes and in the hospitality business. Multi-purpose, as well as space-saving furniture like Tablebed that can easily help turn a dining room into a bedroom, are ideal for metropolises like New York, London and Tokyo,” said Tablebed CEO Joshua Moorrees.

From a barn into a design beauty

Tablebed’s story began when Finnish Dine Renfors, the founder and man behind Tablebed, wanted to find a way to make the space in his home more efficient. It became obvious that the two most space-consuming pieces of furniture are the bed and the dining table, and they are never in use at the same time. This gave the idea to Renfors to combine the table and bed into one piece of furniture.

Read the story of Tablebed and watch a short video of the very first Tablebed prototype.

TIME recognizes Finnish design furniture-innovation Tablebed.

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