Tribute to fulfilling & meaningful living. Even in the future.


We have created long-lasting multifunctional furniture to serve different phases and purposes during a person’s life. We focus on using environmentally-friendly raw materials and manufacturing through local hubs and supply chains. Our products are flat-pack furniture, making transportation more efficient regarding space-usability. Furthermore, we support charities that work for a better, greener Earth for our future generations.

All TABLEBED products have an FSC® certification. The laminate materials TABLEBED uses have the LEED® Certification, which ensures actions toward constructing a greener building through sustainable design, created by The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The laminate materials also have GREENGUARD certification for Indoor Air Quality, limiting harmful chemical emissions.

TABLEBED uses plywood, a reusable material that does not release toxic gases and consumes little energy. The wooden parts of products come from Finland & Spain. These raw materials have the FSC® Certification, NAF Certificate, and PEFC Certification.


Our multifunctional and space-saving furniture encourages people to embrace small living and smart space-usability. Everyone deserves a home that is an inspirational safe haven that serves the purposes the person dreams about – no matter how many square meters the space has. Whether it’s about hosting a magnificent dinner party to your nearest, having a smart WFH setup, enabling employees a relaxing goodnight sleep after the commute, or having versatile rooms that serve as a hotel and office room. Ultimately, we want people to afford to live and host in the areas they want and in the way they want.

Furthermore, we believe in build the people, and they build the business. Thus, our people’s health and happiness are first – their happiness is also ours. Our goal is to build a transparent and friendly work community where people feel safe to be themselves and customers are welcomed and cared for. We celebrate every success but are not afraid of mistakes.


Instead of purchasing multiple products that often serve one purpose, such as multifunctional furniture, TABLEBED fulfills multiple functions during its use stage; a dining table, bed, side table, work desk, storage for bedding, you name it. By creating multifunctional furniture, we help to use fewer resources, less waste, and fewer emissions throughout the product’s whole life cycle versus creating single-use products with their own supply chain.

We want our product to be long-living, so the raw materials are carefully picked to ensure the furniture is long-lasting. Furthermore, we have prolonged TABLEBED’s bed usability by enabling the change of mattresses when the current one comes to its end of life. The design of TABLEBED is also timeless and minimal, making it more effortless to fit different interior styles.

We aim to enable people to live their life the fullest no matter in what sized home or hotel room they are spending time. Less space yet more room to live your fulfilling life of yours.