New Freestanding Tablebed Single – Furniture innovation that enables flexible and efficient space utilization even at the tiniest homes

It’s time to take multifunctionality and flexibility to a new level. The new patented Freestanding TABLEBED Single is the latest product addition to the TABLEBED collection. Unlike its predecessor, the new TABLEBED Single does not require a fixed attachment to the wall to transform from a table into a bed. It’s a design piece you can place against a wall, in a corner, or middle of the room – where ever you want it.

Finnish design mindset at its finest – The other function hidden in plain sight

Since the beginning, when Dine Renfors got the idea of creating TABLEBED, it has always been a clear goal to create furniture pieces that won’t compromise design, functionality, and comfort.

The secret of TABLEBEDs’ one-of-a-kind design is that you won’t even realize the table or bed can be transformed into another piece of furniture. The simple, clear lines and the idea of hiding the other function in plain sight have always been clear guidelines when designing TABLEBED products.

When designing multifunctional furniture, ensuring the transformation is safe and easy to perform is essential. With the patented Freestanding TABLEBED Single, the gas springs and rails provide a smooth movement, surprising people with how effortless it’s to operate. Furniture’s steadiness relies on innovative product design, enabling the furniture to be placed in the middle of the room if wanted.

Freestanding Single expands its functionality into three

Tablebed’s values regarding multifunctionality, minimalism, and efficient space utilization inspired Product Developer Janne Haveri to challenge the idea of Freestanding TABLEBED Single serving not only as a table and bed but also as a sofa.

The sofa function is currently possible when furniture is not attached to the wall as the seating is opposite the tabletop. The Sofa kit includes a back wall and cushion, while the fabric cover for the mattress and bedding is already part of the Freestanding Tablebed Single package.

The new Freestanding TABLEBED Single can be transformed into a sofa with an additional sofa kit.

From tiny homes to international hotel projects

TABLEBED Single’s usability expands rapidly as it has joined the freestanding category and the Double version. The furniture that flips from a table to a bed is an excellent space-saving solution for tiny homes, cottages, and professional hosts with Airbnb apartments to international hotel franchises where every square meter is desired to use wisely.

As the new TABLEBED Single does not require a fixed attachment to the wall or floor, it enables more freedom regarding space planning. The stand-alone characteristic is also relevant for rental apartments where fixed installations are not allowed.

Hotel, office, and furnished apartments are not new segments for TABLEBED. Over the years, the Finnish patented furniture innovation has helped multiple accommodation businesses and office environments to utilize space efficiently, including VALO Hotel & Work, Heymo Hotel, Innovation Home, and Hiisi Homes. Read all of Tablebed’s customer stories.

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