Thinking about a post-divorce apartment?

Divorcing is usually a total of many things. When being separated, the practical things, often financial questions, are the ones that we think about the most. This isn’t a surprise because according to Yle News, divorcing increases the costs by multiple hundred euros. A post-divorce apartment can awaken a lot of different emotions and the situation can be very challenging together with the financial changes.

As we covered, divorcing can cause big challenges financially and otherwise. By furnishing an apartment after a divorce with clever furniture, can help you achieve a point where the cost of living stays at a reasonable level without leaving the functional features behind.

Separation often changes the families’ needs of living. Sometimes you’ll need less space after a divorce if for example, the equipment of your ex-partner’s hobbies have taken a lot of room from the home. In most cases, the situation is that you’ll need the same amount of space as before but the income to cover it has decreased by half.

An expensive post-divorce apartment

Especially in the capital area, additional rooms are a big financial investment. Even a single room can increase the apartment’s rent by hundred euros or if you are looking for an apartment to be owned, the total amount can increase by 100 000 euros in the most popular regions. In case you need to get one or more rooms for your kids, the price can increase significantly when you have to cover all of those costs on your own.

It’s a challenge of its own to have kids from a divorced family live with their parents on a week-to-week basis. In a situation like this, you’ll need a lot more space every other week. How do you furnish a place like this? Several parents have solved this problem by giving their kids a place to sleep in the apartment’s bedroom while the parent sleeps in the living room area. In an arrangement like this, you need to have a suitable couch in the living room for sleeping or an additional mattress that can be stored away somewhere when it’s not used.

Sofa beds or additional mattresses on a longer period of usage can affect on your sleep quality. Week after week with a bad mattress can easily reflect on how energic you feel – divorce and the time after aren’t the easiest times, therefore good night sleeps are needed.

Increasing the floor space of a post-divorce apartment with multi-functional furniture

Apartment after divorce is often a combination of old furniture and maybe even a few new pieces of furniture for a specific need. Multi-functional furniture is an option for furnishing a post-divorce apartment in a way where you necessarily don’t need to increase the number of metres in your apartment to be able to have enough room for what you need. With the help of multi-functional furniture, for example, a dining area transforms into sleeping places without needing an extra worktable, another bedroom or the need to carry a mattress out of the way during the daytime.

The most common multi-functional pieces of furniture are folding tables and Murphy beds. The newest rival on the market is Tablebed which has been awarded for its design. Tablebed is a 6-person dining table that rapidly transforms into a double bed. Tablebed Single on the other hand is a worktable that can be turned into a guest bed.

Many who have moved to a post-divorce apartment, uses Tablebed for sleeping when the kids are coming over. When it’s time for the kids to go to the other parent or somewhere else, can Tablebed be used as a guest bed. Get familiar with Tablebed here.

A checklist for those who are thinking about a post-divorce apartment:

  • Think about your living needs: does the location mean more to you than the number of metres in the apartment or how much it would cost? Which kind of location makes weekdays run smoothly and is it financially achievable?
  • What are the things you want to do in your home? Do you need space for work or hobbies, or is your home only meant for sleeping?
  • Even though moving is time-consuming, sometimes it may be better to take a part-time rental apartment and think about the situation with time before making any big decisions.
  • With multi-functional furniture, you can furnish the place in a way that fits many occasions.