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Naantali Housing Fair 2022 – Tablebed at Lounakallio property

Asuntomessut 2022, is a popular annual housing fair for everyone interested in all things related to housing, from exterior to interior. This year’s housing fair is held on the beautiful island of Luonnonmaa in Naantali, right next to the summer...

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Hotellihuoneen sisustus Tablebedillä

Interior design of a hotel room

The interior design of a hotel room has a significant impact on the imagination and the customer experience. The materials of the interior play a big role in whether the hotel is perceived as a basic destination or a luxury hotel. But the interior...

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Interior of a small two-room apartment

It is advisable to plan the interior of a small two-room apartment carefully in order to take full advantage of the limited square meters. For the interior of a two-room apartment, start thinking about the usage of the space: is the two-room apart...

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TIME recognizes Finnish design innovation Tablebed

Tablebed is a new kind of space-saving furniture that turns from table to bed in 10 seconds. The Finnish design invention received a special mention in TIME’s 2021 Best Inventions list. “Our first shipment to the US is about to leave Finland, ...

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Guest bed

A guest bed can be useful for children, visitors and Airbnb travellers. At the moment, the markets offer a variety of guest beds for different needs and budgets. In this article, we are discussing the various options for guest beds, and how they a...

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Thinking about a post-divorce apartment?

Divorcing is usually a total of many things. When being separated, the practical things, often financial questions, are the ones that we think about the most. This isn’t a surprise because according to Yle News, divorcing increases the costs by ...

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