Tablebed Double White as a table in the living room

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Tablebed receives Fennia Prize 22 Honourable Mention as a pioneer of smart space utilization

Innovative TABLEBED, multifunctional patented design furniture from Finland, receives Fennia Prize 22 Honourable Mention as a pioneer of smart space utilization with its one-of-kind design.

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Hotellihuoneen sisustus Tablebedillä

Interior design of a hotel room

The interior design of a hotel room has a significant impact on the imagination and the customer experience. The materials of the interior play a big role in whether the hotel is perceived as a basic destination or a luxury hotel. But the interior...

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Interior of a small two-room apartment

It is advisable to plan the interior of a small two-room apartment carefully in order to take full advantage of the limited square meters. For the interior of a two-room apartment, start thinking about the usage of the space: is the two-room apart...

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TIME recognizes Finnish design innovation Tablebed

Tablebed is a new kind of space-saving furniture that turns from table to bed in 10 seconds. The Finnish design invention received a special mention in TIME’s 2021 Best Inventions list. “Our first shipment to the US is about to leave Finland, ...

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Guest bed

A guest bed can be useful for children, visitors and Airbnb travellers. At the moment, the markets offer a variety of guest beds for different needs and budgets. In this article, we are discussing the various options for guest beds, and how they a...

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Thinking about a post-divorce apartment?

Divorcing is usually a total of many things. When being separated, the practical things, often financial questions, are the ones that we think about the most. This isn’t a surprise because according to Yle News, divorcing increases the costs by ...

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