UK design award given to Finnish space-saving furniture innovation Tablebed, adding to earlier awards from Google and Facebook design directors

Tablebed turns from a table into a bed in 10 seconds.

These days the home has to cater for many needs; as well as eating, sleeping and relaxing we sometimes need to work, home-school and entertain the kids. But we still only have the same footprint to perform all these functions. Tablebed helps to solve these problems by being both a table one minute and a bed the next. It converts from one to the other in a simple, smooth movement which can be performed by one person.

Tablebed’s clever multipurpose furniture was chosen as Best Product at the Decorex’s Sleep & Eat event for hotel design and architecture in November 2020. This is a great start to Tablebed’s UK entry: Tablebed has just signed a distribution deal with Couch Potato Company, a sister company of Welltek, which also represents other Finnish furniture brands such as Framery, Light Cognitive and Naava.

Earlier this year in June, Tablebed received an honorable mention at the San Francisco Design Week in the Wild Card category for unexpected products. The jury included, among others, Google Design Lead Irina Blok and Facebook’s Design Director Noah Richardson in addition to acclaimed interior designer Catherine Kwong and architect Takashi Yanai.

Tablebed Single in black

“Tablebed is creating a whole new category of space-saving and functional furniture. Everyone knows the sofa bed, but hopefully soon they will know about Tablebed too. Rising housing costs as well as the increased need to turn homes into remote offices call for multi-purpose furniture like Tablebed. This new demand means that this year we will grow by several hundred percent,” said Tablebed CEO Joshua Moorrees.

Tablebed – From table to bed in 10 seconds

The comfortable alternative to the sofa bed

Tablebed’s story began when Finnish Dine Renfors, the founder and man behind Tablebed, wanted to find a way to make the space in his home more efficient. It became obvious that the two most space-consuming pieces of furniture are the bed and the dining table, and they are never in use at the same time. This gave the idea to Renfors to combine the table and bed into one piece of furniture and Tablebed’s story began in 2017. 

Tablebed can be turned from table to bed in just a few seconds. The mattresses and linens are hidden inside the table, so there is no need for extra storage. The patented safe and easy mechanism allows a single person to smoothly open or close it. The innovative hinges, gas springs and wheels underneath make the transformation from table to bed easy, and the durable lock can easily be opened even with one hand moving the lever. Between the tabletops there is also a waterproof sealing strip which keeps the bed dry even if something is spilled on the table. The sealing strip can easily be wiped with a moist cloth or removed for washing. Thanks to the high-quality mattress the sleeping comfort will be much better than in a sofa bed.

Tablebed Single in black

Tablebed is a fully sized dinner table for 6 persons and a double bed, both top-of-the-line in their own right without compromising on comfort or style. Tablebed added a single version to the collection this year, perfect for remote home offices where a workspace needs to double up as a guest room. 


Tablebed comes in white, black and oak finishes, and pricing starts at £2,600.

Tablebed (double bed)

A fully sized dinner table for 6 persons 213 x 95 x 75 cm (LxWxH)

Double bed 213 x 148 x 47,5 cm

Mattresses 200 x 140 x 13 cm (200 x 70 x 13 cm)

Thickness of the edges 4 cm

Space for knees 30 cm

Tablebed weighs 82 kg, with mattresses 96 kg

Tablebed (single)

Table 213 x 52,5 x 90 cm

Single bed 213 x 101 x 48 cm

Mattresses 2 (pcs) x 200 x 85 x 13 cm

Thickness of the edges 4 cm

Space for knees 30 cm

Tablebed weighs 46 kg, with mattress 54,2 kg and with wall plate 84,2 kg

Contact info for press:

Joshua Moorrees, CEO,, +358 44 256 4293 

Päivi Vuolle, PR & Communications,, +358 50 5354 899

Photo credit: Cover photos of Tablebed Black © Dominika Montonen Koivisto