Healthy home office decoration ideas that improve productivity

Multifunctional and space-saving Tablebed Single Oak
Are you looking for a way to improve your home office setup more healthy? Do not undermine the importance of having healthy work environment also at home! Maintaining the well-being while working from home consists of multiple different aesthetic and ergonomic variations we will cover in this article.

(Article updated: 10th Oct 2022)

Ergonomic home office

You spend 40 h/week on average at your WFH setup. Do not undermine the importance of having a good ergonomic environment – it’s not worth it! Remember to create space that serves your needs. No need to suffer from too small surfaces or uncomfortable chairs for aesthetic reasons. Remember that the WFH setup should ease and support your flow, not hinder it!

  • Table: Get a table that compliments the rest of the interior – remember that it’s a furniture piece that is relatively big and most likely visible even when you are not working. Working from a laptop is a good advantage as it does not require a lot of work surfaces and a smaller desk is easy to place at home. However, if you use multiple screens or need enough cover to draw or write memos, do not neglect the importance of having enough space to do these things. An adjustable table is helpful if you spend many hours by the desk and sometimes want to switch between standing or sitting.
  • Chair: The chair is one of your home office’s most important core items. Before getting one, think about what features it should have to support you to work ergonomically. Do you need to stand up often, or are you sitting down for long periods? Do you want to have a chair with armrests or one with specific support for your lower back? You can also consider saddle, gaming, and other ergonomically friendly chairs. A traditional dining chair is not the best option as it is not designed for sitting for long periods. Remember to keep regular breaks if you have a conventional dining chair as your working-from-home setup.
  • Laptop stand: If you work at a desk with a regular height of 71-73 cm but want to alter the size or angle of the laptop, you might want to consider buying a separate laptop stand. These stands can also enable the possibility to stand while working.
  • Accessories: If you want to level up your home office game from the ergonomic point of view, you can also get familiar with ergonomic mice, standing rugs, leg support, and elbow support.

Aesthetically pleasing home office

No one wants a scary WFH setup to haunt you when trying to relax on the weekends. Create a room or nook that fits well with the interior and is easy for your eyes. When a home office is aesthetically pleasing, it inspires and positively enhances your attitude when starting your day. Alternatively, consider solutions that can be hidden when off the clock.

  • Clutter-free surface: Avoid piling up extra stuff on the work table. At the end of the working day, clean the coffee mugs, water glasses, and various notes that appear during the work day that you don’t need any longer. It is always more comfortable to return to ‘work’ the next day when the work home office is clutter-free. Cleanliness is also easier when it is maintained regularly.
  • Add something green: With the help of house plants, you can both purify the room air and get aliveness to the room. House plants such as Sansevieria, Areca palm, and different indoor Fern species have these qualities. These are also great plants to add to your bedroom.
  • Locate the desk next to the window: Having a view to look at has proven to enhance working.
Areca Palm increases the air’s moisture level and removes pollutants from the atmosphere.
Clutter-free surface improves your focus, boosts productivity, and reduces stress.

The importance of organizing your WFH setup

A clean and organized environment improves your focus, boosts productivity, and reduces stress. This involves the look of your home office and how you maintain your schedule and project management. Well-organized environments help you meet the set deadlines and avoid unnecessary mistakes. How to achieve an organized environment that always is easy to eyes?

  • Use drawers, closets, and folders to organize your office items systemically. However, remember that more drawers mean more space to collect unnecessary items and store clutter. So don’t get crazy and invest too much in storage rather than think about how much space you need.

Integrated home office solutions

If you want to have an integrated home office, you can try to create it in your wardrobe or closet. You can also consider multifunctional solutions that help maximize the use of space and take full advantage of every square meter. One of these space-related problem solvers is a Finnish furniture innovation, Tablebebed, that can be transformed from a table into a bed in 10 seconds. Multifunctional Tablebed provides both two-person and one-person beds. Tablebed fits perfectly to your home office and can also be used as a bedroom for everyday and occasional use. Learn more about how you can transform your home office into a guest bedroom in 10 seconds.

Tablebed help you utilize square meters efficiently by transforming from a table into a bed in 10 seconds.
Transform your home office into a bedroom in 10 seconds – Tablebed Single is an excellent furniture solution for your home office when you want to use square meters efficiently.

Home office in the bedroom

If there is no separate room for the home office, the dedicated workstation is often placed in the bedroom. If this is your case, try to create a harmonious space by aligning the home office and bedroom interior elements and styles. Also, try to minimize loose items and hide possible equipment for the night, so the bedroom maintains a calm atmosphere even in the evening.