Case: More space and freedom when being – saving money when living

How megatrends affect housing and interior design?

The accelerating urbanisation and population growth around the globe least to smaller apartments and rising square meter prices. The climate change forces us to live in a more environmental-friendly way. Minimalism and getting rid of the excessive products. All these things became concrete to me when we moved from Finland to Luxemburg with my family. Our current home that has a Scandinavian interior design, is located in Luxemburg City, 2 kilometres from the centrum.

How to have more functional everyday life with children and huge saving in the living costs?

When living with a small child and pets, you just want to have more space and freedom when being. This is something that the apartments in Luxemburg rarely offer. The additional space comes also with a lofty price tag; one additional room would cost in our neighbourhood around 150 000 euros. With Tablebed we can use our existing square meters in more efficient way and have functional spaces, which offers the freedom we want to feel and have.

Luxurious dining table and convenient extra bed

For me it is very important that our home is cosy and that our guests are enjoying themselves. During our integration to Luxemburg it has been a pleasure to invite people to spend time with us around our luxurious dining table. Our international guests want to hear stories about Finnish Design, which also the Tablebed represents. It is awarded with the appreciated Design from Finland -mark. Furthermore, we have quite often guests from Finland and without Tablebed we would be forced to send them to stay at a hotel or to use inflatable mattresses or some other solutions which are not so convenient. The best part of Tablebed is that it suits our Scandinavian interior design and helps us to live the dream lifestyle we want to be living. Therefore, it was obvious that Tablebed was taken with us when we moved from Finland to Luxemburg with our family.

-Niina, Luxemburg