Case Airbnb: More accommodation capcacity for 25 square meter microapartment

case airbnb microapartment

I have a small 25 square meter apartment that I have listed on Airbnb. Because the apartment is very small, it was vital to use the square meters as efficiently as possible.

More accommodation capacity and functionality with Tablebed

I was going through different interior design possibilities and Tablebed turned out to be the best alternative based on the multifunctionality it provides. By using Tablebed I got the opportunity to accommodate four people in my tiny apartment. Besides the bed capacity, Tablebed also provides a proper dining table, which is used often in an Airbnb apartment. I designed my apartment to be multifunctional and I have a sofa, a big dining table and a double bed. The best part of this is that it is achieved only with 25 square meters. Tablebed made this possible.

-Meri, Turku