Case: Transformative harmony: Helsingin Ensikoti and Tablebed unite style and functionality at Uusi Ensikoti in Vallila

Multifunctional furniture innovation Tablebed in oak-colored as a full-sized single bed in the room of Helsingin Ensikoti.

The Helsinki Mother and Child Home Association, commonly known as Helsingin Ensikoti, provides institutional and non-institutional child welfare services for families in crisis or needing extensive support in parenthood and everyday life. They support the parents so the baby gets the necessary care. In November 2023, Helsinki Ensikoti expanded to Vallila. The space has 26 family places and two outpatient service units serving approximately 500 parents and children each year.

Uusi Ensikoti, which welcomed the multifunctional furniture solution Tablebed to its spaces, was designed by the design agency Flock Oy. The goal for the reconstructed and expanded building from the 1940s was clear: to optimize the floor space of the rooms without compromising on the look and feel. All furniture pieces were carefully curated, and the agency concentrated on ensuring a positive, home-like stay for families. 

Effortless transformation in Vallila

Uusi Ensikoti embraces the transformative power of nearly a dozen Tablebed TB1 products – multifunctional furniture that transforms effortlessly from a table into a full-sized single bed. The dual-purpose furniture solution maximizes space utilization and provides flexibility for accommodating families.

The choice of TB1 at Helsingin Ensikoti reflects the standard to have furniture that is effortless to use, adaptable and high-quality, as highlighted by Anna Kyyhkynen, an architect from Flock Oy. “We chose Tablebed as an additional sleeping solution because of its ease of use and elegance,” she notes. “Tablebed meets the needs, offering quality and functional extra beds that fit into the space with style. And when the bed is not in use, it serves excellently as a surface.”

Multifunctional furniture innovation Tablebed in oak-colored as a side desk in the room of Helsingin Ensikoti.
Tablebed isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a transformative element that maximizes space utilization.
Multifunctional furniture innovation Tablebed in oak-colored as a full-sized single bed in the room of Helsingin Ensikoti.
The choice of the oak color adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to the spaces, creating an inviting and homey atmosphere.

The harmonious balance of style and practicality

Tablebed’s ability to seamlessly shift between a functional table and a comfortable bed offers a solution to the evolving needs of Helsingin Ensikoti. Tuomas Kurttila, Executive Director of Helsingin Ensikoti ry, emphasizes the importance of furniture quality and how it affects the customer’s experience. “Safe, adaptable and beautiful materials are important for a first home. Every piece of furniture is part of the customer’s experience of care. At the same time, all this communicates the value of our customers in the community and society,” Kurttila comments.

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