Case: Modern sauna and guest cabin accommodates guests with comfort and style

About us

We built a holiday home that includes a cottage and a cabin. The cottage has a guestroom which can accommodate 3 guests and a 4th one to sleep on the sofa. However, we wanted to maximize the number of sleeping places so that even a larger group of guests can be accommodated comfortably into our holiday home.

A functional entirety

When I first came across Tablebed’s innovation, I immediately fell in love with the idea and started to vision having a Tablebed in our future sauna cabin. Although many of our ideas and thoughts did change during the building stage, Tablebed stayed in our plans till the end. Only the colour changed from white to black. To our sauna cabin, Tablebed was more versatile than a sofa bed because the table enables us to host large dinners, play games and hang out with friends after the sauna.

At first, my partner was a little skeptical as usual, and wanted to see the product before purchasing it. We went to see the product after contacting Tablebed and tried out how the Tablebed’s mechanism works. The product worked well, and it had the kind of sturdiness that we had hoped for. My partner was pleased with the functions of Tablebed as well!

Multifunctional furniture innovation Tablebed Black as a table in a cottage with black and wood interior details.
Multifunctional furniture innovation Tablebed Black as a bed in a cottage with black and wood interior details.

Multifunctional and comfy accommodation

If Tablebed isn’t familiar to you, you probably wouldn’t guess what the table can hide in itself. And in addition to the mattresses, Tablebed can hide even duvets – a brilliant solution for space-saving!

It’s always fun to turn the table into a bed and, at the same time, amaze those friends that are visiting you for the first time. We have had a few user experiences already: without any exceptions, all of our guests have praised the bed as good for sleeping.

– A couple from Pirkanmaa