Why buy a Tablebed?

Tablebed, the piece of furniture that folds from a table into a bed in 10 seconds may feel expensive and bulky at first. After getting to know better the usage of Tablebed, you will notice how multifunctional it actually is. In this article, we are covering several misunderstandings about Tablebed.

“Tablebed is expensive”

Tablebed is available in two sizes: double bed/dining table for 6, and guest bed/worktable. Tablebed’s initial cost can feel a bit pricy, especially if you, for example, compare it to cheaper guest beds or sofa beds. Choose a piece of furniture that will fit best your needs – sometimes an inexpensive extra bed is enough, and at other times an award-winning multifunctional piece of furniture is what you need.

Tablebed’s cost can be calculated as an investment in the following way:

If you are purchasing a Tablebed for your home, take a moment to think about how many square meters you would save while using this multifunctional furniture. With the help of Tablebed, you might not be needing a separate guestroom or other separate space for your overnight guests anymore. For example, when you take a look at your apartments’ price per square meter in your neighborhood area, you’ll quickly realize Tablebed can pay itself back in no time.

If you accommodate professionally or are thinking about becoming a host, explore your region’s Airbnb- and Booking.com – listings. What kind of price-per-night would be possible to gain if there were two more elegant sleeping places?

Benefits of Tablebed when compared to a sofa bed and wall bed

You may consider a sofa bed instead of a Tablebed. A sofa bed has its own way of use, but for example, replacing a mattress isn’t often possible with a sofa bed. In addition, the sleeping comfort can be questionable with a hard mattress, especially in longer accommodations. Tablebed, on the other hand, has sturdy but flexible mattresses that you can replace easily by yourself if needed.

A wall bed is a popular option for extra accommodation. The challenging side of a wall bed is its attachment: a wall bed needs a sturdy wall that supports the attachment, and therefore the wall bed can’t be moved easily from room to room. A wall bed then needs reattaching and attaching when moving to a new home. (NOTE! Tablebed’s Singlebed, the combination of a worktable and a guest bed, requires a wall attachment also due to its safety. The attachment is though lighter because the bed stands on its own feet.)

“Tablebed eats floor-space a lot”

Tablebed’s double bed -version folds to be a 6-person table, therefore it takes floor space as much as a dinner table/a double bed. In a small apartment, this may feel like a lot, but on the other hand, you will save the same space that a side table, guest bed, or wall bed requires.

Because of its versatile use, Tablebed isn’t going to stay unused: it works both in the daytime and at night. In the daytime, if you need, for example, floor space to do yoga or for children to play, Tablebed might not necessarily be the best guest bed option for you.

Our current selection of Tablebeds can be found on our online store. If you still want to learn more about Tablebed, check out Tablebed’s frequently asked questions!