Sleeper sofa or Tablebed?

Many consider adding a convertible sofa bed for the guest room. And not to deny, a sleeper sofa is a handy way to increase the sleeping places in the living room, home office, or even in the larger sized lounge room of sauna. The number of convertible sofa bed variations is also countless with different shapes, colors, and prices – from one person’s bed to several people’s. Some sleeper sofas also include a storage option for pillows and sheets.

Convertible sofa beds can be found in several different price ranges. The cheapest options can be purchased for under a hundred euros when design versions have easily three numbers in the price tag. By increasing the sleeping places by one or two, you can easily make the space more versatile. More sleeping places in hotels, offices, and Airbnb locations can also mean more profit per night.

Before purchasing a sleeper sofa, think about the space and what it is mostly used for. Is a sleeper sofa the best alternative or could a sofa bed, Murphy bed, or Tablebed increase comfortability? Everything depends on how do you want the room to look like and what it is used for.

Sleeper sofa vs. loft bed?

A loft bed is a popular alternative for the sleeper sofa. Loft beds enable a lot of empty space beneath that can be used for example for storage space, office desk, or a reading nook.

However, a sleeper sofa can be considered as a better option for small children and people with reduced mobility. The sleeper sofa is also a more comfortable option if the temperature of the room can raise relatively high – in a loft bed, enough rest might not be reached due to the stuffy air that stays between the bed and ceiling.

The less attractive side of sleeper sofas and convertible sofa beds is that they are not usually designed for everyday sleeping, impacting on the sleeping comfortability. Often, the mattresses of sleeper sofas are built-in so you can not choose between a soft or hard mattress. Furthermore, if the mattress needs to be changed, so does the whole furniture. Read more about the subject in the post that talks about having a bed in a living room.

The word ‘sofa bed’ can often be used as a synonym for sleeper sofas and convertible sofa beds. However, a sofa bed is usually a metal-framed bed that can be transformed into a couch with decorative pillows.

Sleeper sofa vs. Murphy bed?

The Murphy bed is a good alternative for the convertible sofa bed. The Murphy bed is either one or two person’s bed, that is attached to the wall. During the day, the bed is inside the closet, and in the evening it is opened to transform into a bed. Sometimes, two person’s Murphy beds include also an additional work desk. In other words, the Murphy bed is a quite versatile option.

The Murphy bed is also called a wall bed, pull-down bed, or fold-down bed. The name Murphy bed originates from the inventor of the wall bed, William Lawrence Murphy.

Wall beds, pull-down beds, and fold-down beds require a robust attachment mechanism that does not make furniture easy to move around. Furthermore, the attachment to the wall might demand tools that everyone does not have at their homes. That is why sleeper sofas can be concluded as a better option from its easy movability point of view. The Murphy bed might also require more floor space when the bed is open.

How about Tablebed?

Convertible sofa beds, loft beds, and pull-down beds are not the only options in the market when looking for furniture that can help you to increase the sleeping capacity. Tablebed, designed in Finland, is the newest addition in the multifunctional furniture market. Tablebed has also been awarded by the design directors of Google and Facebook.

The idea of Tablebed is that it can be transformed from six people’s dining table into two person’s bed in ten seconds. Tablebed is a good choice of furniture for the home, hotel, or Airbnb accommodating. A great example is VALO Hotel & Work in Helsinki that has Tablebeds in their selected rooms.

Tablebed Single is perfect multi-functional furniture as a work desk and a guest bed. As a table, Tablebed Single provides over two meters of desk surface, when again a bed is suitable even for adults with its width of 85 cm.

Both Tablebed Double and Single are available in three different color options; white, black, and in a tone of light oak. Currently, Tablebed is available in over ten countries in the world.

Summary: A sleeper sofa and convertible sofa bed are a good choice if the place is meant for lounging and occasional sleeping. A loft bed is an alternative to go with if you are looking for an affordable solution that also creates empty floor space. Tablebed is the right choice if you are looking for multifunctionality without forgetting style and design.

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