A loft bed in a shopping list?

Are you considering getting a loft bed? We have gathered some great tips for you before purchasing the loft bed.

What is a loft bed?

A loft bed is an easy piece of furniture when you need more square meters for your tiny home or to make the space more versatile in use. Beneath a loft bed can be placed a dining table, home office, or reading nook. Loft beds are popular among small studios, tiny homes, and other small spaces.

Along with a sleeping place, a loft bed can also be used as a storage or play area, depending on the height of the space. In a family with several children, a loft bed can also be a great place for safe lego games from the small toddler. Furthermore, the loft bed can also be used as storage if your home has a limited number of cabinets or drawers.

The sleeping comfortability in a loft bed variates a lot. Often, it is impacted by the mattress and the area where the loft bed is located. In a room with a low room height, a loft bed might not be the best choice due to the easily raising temperature. With the wrong choice of mattress, you can also end up feeling the bottom frame of the loft bed.

Going up to the loft bed is usually done with a ladder, which is why loft beds are not the best alternative for small children or people with reduced mobility. In some cases, the height of the loft bed can also create a risk of falling down.

The price range of loft beds is wide. At the most affordable price, a loft bed can be purchased for a few hundred euros, and some design versions can cost several thousand euros.

Alternatives for the loft bed

If you are considering a loft bed but looking also for other alternatives, you might want to consider Tablebed that does not lack style. With its awarded design, Tablebed is a great alternative choice for a loft bed.

Tablebed is a Finnish invention that offers a purpose of both table and bed. With Tablebed, you can have six people’s dining table and a bed for two with amazing sleeping comfortability. Another option is Tablebed Single that can be used as a workstation and a guest bed for one. Currently, Tablebed is available in the colors of white, black, and light oak.

Opening and closing Tablebed can be done in ten seconds. With its beautiful design, Tablebed is also a great choice for an open floor kitchen.

Tablebed is also a great choice for people with reduced mobility as Tablebed is on a floor-level making getting to and out of bed is easy.

As a work desk, Tablebed Single enables more than one person to work at with over two meters long and 52 centimeters width. As a bed, Tablebed Single is suitable for one adult (the size of mattress 85 x 200 cm). Tablebed Single is attached to the wall, making the work desk sturdy.

When to choose a loft bed, when Tablebed?

Choose a loft bed when you want to get an affordable option, or you need a place for occasional sleeping. A loft bed is also a great choice when you want to maximize the use of the square meters and to be able to store items from plain sight.

We recommend getting Tablebed when you would like to have design furniture that creates versatility to your space and maximizes the use of space. Tablebed is also a great choice for people with reduced mobility. Tablebed is suitable for both home and professional use, for example, in hotels or Airbnb-accommodations.

Tablebed Single Black under a loft.