Sauna cottage: the interior and design of a sauna cabin

sauna cabin turns multifunctional with tablebed
Planning on building a sauna cabin or renewing the interior? In addition to a sauna, a sauna cabin can often include a small lounge room where you can change clothes and cool down between sauna breaks. A lounge room is also an easy way to increase the number of beds at the cottage, without the need of expanding the building.

The building plot defines what the type of the sauna cabin will be like. Does the sauna cabin hide behind the vegetation, or does it rise gracefully from the rocks? A budget also sets its limits: does the sauna cabin have any indoor space, such as a small chamber in addition to a sauna, or several rooms for the guests?

The sauna lounge room & interior

The interior of a sauna cabin can depend on the vibe of the cottage: is the right style a traditional one, modern or perhaps inspired by the Finnish archipelago? You can furnish the lounge room similar to the cottage’s interior style or style it in your way.

The risk of furnishing the sauna lounge room is that you dump your old furniture and accessories there. Primarily it’s worth favoring old furniture, but no one enjoys spending time in a storage room.

If no one stays the night at the sauna cabin but you have space for cooling down, you could furnish the sauna cabin just for lounging about. Cozy armchairs and a fridge or a cooling bag for beverages will increase the coziness of a smaller sauna cabin.

A closet or two is often needed to storage excessive goods. Clean linens, cleaning equipment, and other items are preferred to be kept out of sight. A closet can be a vertical or a sideboard. When having a sideboard or other pieces of horizontal furniture, be careful not to place any junk on them.

It’s recommended to put enough hooks on the walls to hang towels, robes, and other clothes. Placing a mirror somewhere is also worth considering.

Sauna cabin and places to sleep

Some cottages have a lot of guests, and it would be worth investing in the number and quality of beds if it eases the time spent in the cottage to offer more places to sleep. This concerns both your own use of the cottage and renting it to other people.

It’s worth considering the number of quality beds especially in the cottages that are only rented. The more decent beds in the main cottage and sauna cabin, the better profit it would make per night.

A traditional solution for a sauna cabin is a simple wooden bed-couch that is classified as a multifunctional piece of furniture. The bed-couch enables sitting while cooling down and opening it later to function as a bed. Then again, the mattresses of bed-couches can be thin and hard. The same problem applies to convertible sofas.

Because the level of equipment in homes has risen, the requirements for rental cottages have also increased. Many customers don’t want to sleep in a bed that is worse than the one they have at home, therefore high expectations are set up for the beds. In this case, a bed couch or a convertible sofa isn’t enough.

One alternative to furnish a sauna lounge room is Tablebed. With the help of Tablebed, you can have multiple purposes even in a smaller space; by day Tablebed can be used for dining and cooling down and for the night Tablebed turns over to a double bed.

Tablebed’s Singlebed functions as a side- or working table and as a bed for guests. With the help of Tablebed Single, it’s easy to furnish a workspace in the sauna cabin. Tablebed comes in white, black, and oak-colored, whereupon this piece of furniture will fit into many kinds of interior designs.

Surface materials of a sauna cabin

When choosing the surface materials of the sauna cabin, keep in mind that they resist some humidity. For example, for the sauna lounge room’s floor, it is recommended to choose a material that doesn’t damage the floor straight away due to a few wet footprints.

The sauna can be apart from the sauna lounge room. In this case, you don’t have to be so careful with the amount of humidity the floor can take, because there won’t be as many wet footprints.