Murphy bed: a practical piece of furniture?

The Murphy bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It opens down to function as a bed and can be lifted back up to the wall to save floor space. Murphy bed can also be called a wall bed, pull-down bed or a fold-down bed, but Murphy bed is the original name of the innovation. Multifunctional furniture like this can be an option for those who want more space in their homes without sacrificing any floor space.

A Murphy bed can be useful in cases where you want to have more room for your family members or guests. It also functions to increase the number of, for example, an Airbnb or other rental apartment’s additional sleeping places without the need of having more metres in your apartment. You maybe have come across Murphy bed in hotels, where it is often included to offer guests an extra bed. 

Buying a Murphy Bed

Take into account these few things before fully committing to Murphy bed. Attaching a Murphy bed requires having a very sturdy wall that will support the heavy piece of furniture. After finding the right surface or wall, you will need several tools to actually attach the Murphy bed in place. Remember to double-check that you have enough space for the bed part to open fully. 

A Murphy bed is designed to be safe and not to open or close on its own. Once you install it in one place, you will lose the option to move it around as often as you like. The wall is left with awful marks that may need patching and repainting if you choose to detach the Murphy bed from the wall.

Murphy beds come in different colours, but the most common ones are white and oak-coloured. The best part about the Murphy bed is that it takes so little space when nobody is using it. Some Murphy beds even have a worktable in them when the bed is lifted to the wall.

Murphy Bed or Tablebed?

If you are considering the Murphy bed, take a moment to think through whether a Tablebed would suit your needs better. Tablebed is a Finnish innovation: it folds from table to bed in 10 seconds. Tablebed offers the same benefits as the Murphy bed, but the usage of a Tablebed is more versatile. 

Murphy bed vs Tablebed - which one is more practical?

There are two kinds of Murphy beds: for two people to sleep in or just for one. Tablebed has the same options. A double bed is 140cm wide and can turn into a dining table for 6. Singlebed on the other hand has an 85cm wide bed and over 2 metres long table to work or do free-time activities from. 

Thanks to Tablebed’s quality parts, it is manageable for one person to fold a Tablebed from a table into a bed and vice versa. Tablebed’s gas springs allow the fold to feel lightweight, so you do not have to worry about requiring a lot of muscle to handle the folding alone. Tablebed can also be moved easily around places without any attachments to walls. 

Multi-Functional Desk

Still thinking about the Murphy bed? Take a look at the Tablebed’s Singlebed-version. It’s a combination of a worktable and a bed, and it attaches to a wall. Singlebed is optimal for office/guest room, and also in other rooms to be an extra side table/guest bed. For example, Singlebed fits perfectly under a loft.  

Tablebed’s inventor Dine Renfors wanted to develop a piece of furniture that is both multifunctional and stylish. Now Tablebeds have been sold around the world. Tablebed is used even in homes, cottages, Airbnb accommodations, and as well as in hotels and offices. The product has been awarded in San Francisco Design Week for its amazing innovation. 

Tablebed comes in black, white and oak-coloured. Singlebed offers to choose from the colours of black, white and oak-coloured

A Murphy bed can function in a living room if there is a need for space during the day and a need for accommodation by night. However, Tablebed offers these two pieces of furniture in one: a stylish dining table and a comfortable bed. If the idea of having a bed in a living room interests you, go read an article about the interior of a small living room. 


A wall bed can be a functional choice if you need floor space in the daytime and you are not afraid to attach the furniture permanently. Choose a Tablebed instead, if you need multifunctionality and flexibility. It’s a stylish piece of furniture that will suit different environments. 

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