Updating the interior of your small cottage? Let us introduce TABLEBED – a Finnish smart space-saving interior solution

Tablebed as a bed in Tamminiemi Cottage
How a Finnish patented multifunctional furniture innovation can help you to maximize the use of space without giving up on the idea of creating minimal interior? Read more and learn why TABLEBED could be the perfect solution for your small cottage!

Planning the interior of a small cottage can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to come up with a solution to find enough sleeping places for friends and extended family members. This is when multipurpose interior solutions and multifunctional furniture comes in handy, such as TABLEBED.

TABLEBED, the award-winning and patented Finnish furniture innovation, combines a table and a bed into one piece of furniture. The transformation between these two functions can be done already in 10 seconds. The patented furniture solution was invented by Dine Renfors, who decided to start optimizing the use of space at his home in Turku. Dine had already adapted to different minimalist lifestyle approaches regarding home interior but was still looking for more ways to use the apartment’s floor coverage wiser. Read the whole story of Tablebed.

TABLEBED during the transformation from a table into a bed.

With the help of TABLEBED, you can, for example, organize a fun barbeque dinner even for a larger group of people at the small cottage. When the sun sets and it’s time to go to sleep, you can transform the furniture into a comfortable bed for two. If you have been looking for that wow element for your small cottage that is also a functional one, TABLEBED is a great option!

As multifunctional furniture TABLEBED is designed to ease everyday life, especially in the smaller spaces where every square meter counts. That’s why you can also store the linen or bedding within TABLEBED when it’s used as a table. With up to 4 cm space, you can store some or all – depending on how thick the bedding is – bedding and minimize the need of having extra storage space.

TABLEBED can store linen or bedding up to 4 cm while the furniture is used as a table.
Tablebed mattress is for everyday sleeping
TABLEBED mattresses are designed for everyday sleep comfortability.

Often mattresses of sofa beds are built-in, making them nearly impossible to renew if not buying whole new furniture. TABLEBED’s mattresses are again removable, making the product’s use cycle longer. So rather than buying a whole new bed, with TABLEBED, you can just purchase a new mattress. Browse all the different characteristics TABLEBED has, making it a great multifunctional innovation.

TABLEBED as a cottage guest bed

If you have been contemplating building a separate guest cabin for more sleeping places due to having a small main cottage, TABLEBED is a great alternative solution for that purpose as well. TABLEBED multiplies your guest cabin’s purpose from a sleeping place to a separate dining area or remote office space when you do not have guests to entertain.

Alternatively, you can consider if TABLEBED Single is even better for your needs: it provides one full-sized bed and as a table, it gives enough workspace for two people to work aside. With TABLEBED Single, even the smallest room can be turned into a guest room.

In bigger spaces, TABLEBED can also be moved around when it is in the transformation mode thanks to its small embedded wheels. This enables flexible space-usability.

sauna cabin turns multifunctional with tablebed
A bed or a dining table? You choose – even at the small cottage. Tablebed transforms from a table to a bed in 10 seconds.
Tablebed as a bed in Tamminiemi Cottage
TABLEBED as a bed at the small cottage where all square meters are used carefully.

a sauna cottage + TABLEBED

The interior sauna cottage can easily be forgotten alongside other interior decoration projects, but it should not mean it is any less important. Often, the sauna cottage’s lounge area is a quite small space but multiple functionalities are wished. This can create challenges when realizing how many furnishing items you would like to have there. As multifunctional furniture, TABLEBED is a great solution to creating a multipurpose space; a lounge area, and an extra bedroom. Stackable chairs are a great partner to TABLEBEDs in small spaces – such as sauna cottages.

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