Case: Hiisi Homes increases income with Tablebed

Hiisi Homes is a family company founded by three entrepreneurs. The company offers temporary homes within Southern Finland. The crew of Hiisi Home aims to the idea that their homes are the second-best place to live after people’s own homes. The company is also continuously growing; the goal is to expand the company’s operation to 500 locations by the end of 2023.

Hiisi Homes wants to adapt a possibility of a door code entry to their locations – without forgetting the homely feeling of the experience. The goal is to have “A home without a kitchen.”

“The interesting characteristics of Tablebed as a product are its innovativeness, Finnish design, and the possibility to maximize the use of space. Tablebed brings flexibility and versatility to locations by combining a bed and dining table into one piece of furniture,” Hiisi Homes’ commercial manager Markus Veikkolainen.

Multifunctional Tablebed combines a table and bed into one piece of furniture
A space-saving furniture innovation Tablebed provides an extra bed for two people with the same floor coverage the table uses

Hiisi Homes has taken advantage of Tablebeds in two dozens of apartments. The customers of Hiisi Homes have been positively surprised by the product’s functionality.

“Extra people’s bookings naturally holds an add-on fee, and as we can offer more sleeping places with Tablebed, it can also be seen in the price of the location in question. Furthermore, we can serve a larger target audience with the help of Tablebed. For example, if the apartment was normally for two people, with Tablebed we can maximize the capacity to four people.” – Markus Veikkolainen

According to Veikkolainen, it has been a great joy to work with Tablebed: “It is business from people to people, and when you have a great team behind, it is a great joy to work together.”

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Tablebed as a space divider in a one-bedroom apartment
Multifunctional Tablebed Double provides a 140 cm wide bed