Hostaway and Tablebed have started a partnership – Accommodate efficiently with innovative technology and furniture design

Tablebed is pleased to share the news of starting a partnership with Hostaway – an All-in-One vacation rental software solution for growing property managers. Hostaway helps short-term rental managers and accommodation hosts automate, scale, and grow their businesses. The company provides different tools to automate and simplify marketing, sales, communication, operations, reporting, and accounting for the professionals of the hospitality industry.

Hostaway has also been recognized as Airbnb’s Preferred Partner, providing services and technology that enable a smooth user experience – both for Airbnb hosts and guests.

Hostaway as a booking and property management system

With the booking and property management system by Hostaway, the hosts can observe the occupancy and expenses of their listings, not to mention, ease their day-to-day workflow with automated messaging and payments. The property management system enables also integrating multiple calendars, which is a great asset for hosts that use, for example, both and Airbnb to advert their properties. The property management system is also multi-unit friendly.

Hostaway’s software features

  • Property Management
  • SystemReservations
  • ManagerPerformance
  • DashboardCRM & Lead
  • ManagementChannel
  • ManagerDistribution
  • ChannelsTask
  • ManagementBooking
  • WebsiteWebsite
  • BuilderWordPress-friendly
  • Smartlocks
  • Unified Inbox
  • Automated Messages
  • Automated Reviews
  • Automated Tasks
  • Guest Invoicing
  • SMS & Whatsapp
  • Channel Manager
  • Distribution Channels
  • Mult-Calendar
  • Multi-unit Support
  • Contract Signature
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Occupancy Reports
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Automated Payments
  • Payment & Processing
  • Owner Statements
  • Financial Reporting
  • Expense Tracking
  • Coupon Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Owner & Guest Portal

Rental managers and hosts can integrate their existing booking website with Hostaway with Hostaway’s own WordPress plugin or alternatively build a new site with the help of Hostaway’s partners. Hostaway has also its own mobile app. Learn more about Hostaway’s services by visiting their website.

Hostaway’s property management system can be used by both professional rental managers and private people. Thus, it is also a great software for Airbnb hosting that many private people do.

Airbnb hosting as a private person

Airbnb hosting has enabled many people to an extra income during the global pandemic. At the beginning of this year, Airbnb published a report on how new Airbnb hosts have earned $1 Billion during the pandemic

Airbnb itself shared a statement “If you’re considering hosting, now is the time. As our recent consumer polling tells us, there is pent-up demand for travel as people yearn to get out of the house and connect after months of pandemic-caused isolation, and the type of meaningful travel enabled by Airbnb is the kind of travel people will continue to seek even after the pandemic ends.” (report, Airbnb)

Tablebed in black is a great statement piece of furniture to create that WOW-effect to Airbnb apartment.

Some facts of Airbnb hosting by an individual host

  • 72% of the nights booked on Airbnb were with individual Airbnb-hosts (2020)
  • 79% of Arbnb hosts have just a single listing
  • 90 % of the total number of Airbnb hosts (4 million) were individual hosts (3.6 million) in 2020

Tablebed to your Airbnb accommodation?

Maximizing the use of space can sometimes be tricky: it might require some advanced re-decoration, building, or even some constructional work, for example, when looking for a way to increase a sleeping capacity with a loft bed or wall bed. With Tablebed, an award-winning design furniture innovation, Airbnb hosts can maximize quickly and easily the accommodation’s sleeping capacity with existing square meters without the need of doing bigger chances to the space. 

As multifunctional furniture, Tablebed is a great asset for Airbnb hosts when wanted to get the full advantage of the apartment’s, house’s, or cottage’s capacity. With Tablebed, hosts can increase the sleeping capacity by two in addition to getting a dining table for six people. Alternatively, Tablebed Single is a great choice of space-saving furniture. Tablebed Single is one person’s bed and a side table/ergonomic desk. With its over two meters in length, two people can easily work aside.

Tablebed Single is the perfect space-saving furniture even to the tiniest Airbnb apartments.

Both Tablebed and Tablebed Single can be transformed in 10 seconds by a single person. Opening and closing of Tablebed can be smoothly done with instructions even by a person, who has not used this new piece of multifunctional furniture before.

Tablebed offer an extra perk for the customers of Hostaway when ordering Tablebed’s products. To hear more about this offer, contact the Tablebed team with a contact form or send an email to The offer is valid until informed otherwise. 

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How did this new multifunctional furniture was invented? Read the story of Tablebed and learn why the first prototype of Tablebed was made in the barn!