Case: The Tamminiemi Cottages – more accommodation capacity with the same square meters

Tablebed as a bed in Tamminiemi Cottage

It is very hard to find a suitable place to stay overnight, if the group that travels has more than four persons in it. Typically, this is the case for families with children. Based on different searches on multiple booking sites online, the usual case is that the number of all available listings drop between 40-80 percent, when searching a suitable accommodation for groups with more than four persons. Therefore, it is not rare that the accommodation is booked based on the possibility to accommodate larger groups, instead of the place in which the group would like to stay.

Tiina, the entrepreneur of Tamminiemi Cottages, tells: “The dining table is a must in the cottages, because our guests cook their food themselves. As an entrepreneur I am used to have a client base that varies a lot from the group size point of view. Without space saving and functional furniture, we would have had to consider building more square meters one or another way. Tablebed solved the problem instantly.”

sauna cabin turns multifunctional with tablebed

In many cases the different extra beds have some problems, for example, they can easily break up in the use or they are not as comfortable as the normal beds. All these problems can be seen on the profit and loss statement of the business. In addition to that, many functional furniture – e.g. sofa beds – are rarely designed to look beautiful and easy to use. “Tablebed combines longevity, comfortable sleeping experience, beautiful design and ease of use”, Tiina describes.

What has been the best part of using Tablebed? “The travellers both from Finland and abroad have been so excited, when they see a beautiful and innovative product, which is totally new for them. Tablebed has become an independent show when accommodating our guests”, Tiina laughs.