Interior trends 2021

Tablebed Black
What is in and what is out when it comes to the interior for the upcoming year? Are we still going to see the combination of wood and black? Is the trend of black water hoses still going strong? How about wooden panel walls? Interior designer Essi Nádor tells what are the upcoming interior trends for the year 2021.

“The most popular decades are the 60s and 70s when it comes to the colours, shapes, material, and architecture generally,” Essi Nádor explains. When we are talking about these decades, many have the image of suburbs, but we should not forget the other relevant characteristics the 60s and 70s gave to the world. Spaces were built with a clear aspect of linearity and stylish plainness. Same homes adapted a totally new technology; many would not realize that the modern kitchen and bathroom became common during 1960.

Compared to the previous decades, living conditions were improved, the density of houses decreased, and the size of the windows grew. This enabled more natural light inside, making the homes brighter. The 60s and 70s have left their marks on the interior with linearity, window walls, and a clear floor plan.

The 60s and 70s were also the decades that gave up on different textiles or pavements to cover the original materials of architecture and furnishing. The trend of using raw materials, for example, wood, for the interior is still in. In other words, the wooden panel walls can be still expected to be seen during the year 2021.

Materials of 2021

Teak, walnut, and dark oak are the most visible tones of wood in 2021, reveals Essi Nádor. When it comes to the material and colouring, teak is currently a clear winner. The trend of different cabinets and drawers with teak boards has influenced also the interior on the whole. Teak will also be used in fixture elements.

Some of the 2021 trends can also be memorized from the beginning of the 2000s. Back then, the dark shades of wood were in popularity, and they are doing their comeback as an alternative option to the colour of black – being a more natural and softer option.

Besides teak, walnut has also grown its interest as an interior material. Walnut has several different shades to offer from colder-toned to darker, making the material relatively versatile for different styled homes.

The black and white -contrast has already stepped aside, and the earthy tones with natural materials have entered. In addition to the soft contrasts, different stainless steel, and patterned glasses are slowly coming back to people’s homes.

It is interesting to see how the interior trend is going to evolve during the following years. Even though the interior of the 60s and 70s is going strong, the cute pastel colours, arched doorways, and voluminous couches from the 80s can also be seen in many people’s homes. The newest following trend in colours is clean shades known from the beginning of the 2000s – such as bright red.

The interior of 2021 is a mix of something old with something new: clear lines from the past with today’s technology and multi-functional furniture options. If you are planning the interior of a small apartment it is recommended to invest in the practicality of the space.

Essi Nádor is the founder of Nádor + Nádor Oy and an experienced interior designer. Essi’s work can be seen, for example, on the Finnish versions of the TV-series ‘Buying Blind’. In addition to the TV show, she has designed smart space-using solutions both to the office and public spaces.