Tablebed Single – Black

Tablebed Single - Design from Finland

Table during the day, bed at night

An award-winning TABLEBED Single is the perfect combination of work and relax mode. During the day, TABLEBED Single creates a comfortable office setup for two people with a footrest and 90 cm table height. At night, Tablebed Single serves as a full-sized adult bed. When the bed is not used, TABLEBED Single stores the linen within, minimizing the need for extra storage.

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Barn in Kimito Island where the first prototypes of Tablebed were made.


The story of TABLEBED started with a desire to live more efficiently, more simply yet more fulfilling. The idea of minimalism motivated Dine Renfors, the inventor of TABLEBED, to find the opportunity of combining a table and a bed into one: two pieces of furniture that take up a significant amount of space but are rarely used at the same time. It did not take long when the first ideas were already sketched on paper.