The story of Tablebed

Boredom + minimalism = new idea

Back in 2015 Dine Renfors had a lot of extra time on his hands. There was not enough work for a personal trainer and wellness expert at the time. As boredom crept in, Dine started thinking and questioning things: Why do we own so much stuff? How can I save living space and money?

It didn’t take long before Dine had gone through his belongings. Unnecessary ones were discarded or donated. He didn’t have the courage to throw away any more of his wife’s stuff either. How could one optimize more?

And that’s how it all started. Both a table and bed take a significant amount of space. Usually, these pieces of furniture are not used at the same time. Combining them would be a possibility to create a totally new sense of freedom. But how would that work?

First prototypes were done in a barn

Sketches of Tablebed were drawn on a piece of paper. Dine started building a prototype with his father. The work was carried out at Dine’s childhood home, or to be more precise, in the attic of a barn, on Kimito Island, Finland.

Prototypes were created in this barn.
World’s first Tablebed.

A friend encourages to start a company

The second version of the prototype was finished in 2016. Johan, a friend of Dine, suggested starting a company. This would require developing the prototype into a functional product that is also easy to manufacture.

The second prototype can still be found in the attic of the barn it was built in.

Tablebed Ltd. was founded in Spring 2017. That was roughly two years after the first idea was drawn on a piece of paper. However, the product wasn’t ready for sales yet.

Dine presented their prototype to Business Finland, the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel, and investment promotion. They saw the potential of Tablebed and granted the company 50 000 euros worth of seed money to further develop the innovation.

The first launch at a music festival

With the help of third-party designers, several side steps and a few creative swears the product was finally ready for launch at the beginning of 2018.

Baltic Jazz is a music festival held yearly on Kimito Island. Dine and Johan went there to present Tablebed and to collect feedback. The idea was that at a festival like that it’s easy to meet all sorts of people. They were delighted as Tablebed received a very welcoming start

Starting sales

More help and money were needed. Investors had to be contacted. The first investments were received in early 2019 after contacting just five investors. This is highly uncommon and fast for an early-stage startup without any sales.

Hiisi Homes and Tablebed
The final product.

The very first sale happened in April 2019. One Tablebed was sold to a person living in the Helsinki area who had seen the product, that’s right, at the Baltic Jazz festival. The company also received its first business customer around the same time.

The company started building a reseller network and a webshop was also published.

The development of Tablebed has continued. First instance, the components, and production process have been improved. Tablebed Single, a single bed version of Tablebed, was also launched in 2020.

Tablebed Single