Terms of delivery

On this page (and on all the other pages referred on this page) are the terms, which will apply to all the products that we are delivering to our customers and are displayed on our online store at www.tablebed.com . Please read all the terms carefully before making an order. By making an order you agree to accept these terms of delivery. We advise you to print a copy of these terms of delivery. If you agree with the terms of delivery, please click the button “I agree the terms of delivery”. If you do not accept the terms of delivery, you can’t complete the order.

1. About us

www.tablebed.com is a web site managed by Tablebed Ltd and our business identity code is 2820085-6 and our mailing address is Nunnankatu 4, 20700 Turku, Finland.

2. The availability of our products and services

At this stage our online store is for customers that are located in Finland. We cannot accept the orders with abroad delivery.

3. Customer’s validity

By placing an order, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or you have the permission of your parent(s).

4. Formation of an agreement

  • (a) An agreement is formed when you confirm your order on the online store, you click “I agree the terms of delivery” -button and make a payment with some of the ways that we accept (Method of payment).
  • (b) We hold the right to cancel the order, if the price of the product was obviously incorrect or in the case that for some reason the product is exceptionally not available.
  • (c) In the case we have to cancel the order, we will return the purchase price without delay.

5. Consumer’s return right

  • (a) If you place an order as a consumer, you have according to Consumer Protection Act the right to cancel the transaction within 14 days after receiving the product. You can return the product by using the free return service, operated by Posti. Before the return you have to contact us, in order to get confirmation for your return as well as the return form (PDF), which you have to attach to the return delivery.
  • (b) If you want to be fully refunded from the returned product (does not apply for guarantee return), the product most be absolutely in original state with all the parts and packaging material (so that we can sell the product with full price). If the return delivery is missing something or it is in a bad shape, we will keep, in most of the cases, 25 % of the purchase price as a compensation for the damages.
  • (c) Palautusoikeus ei kuitenkaan koske seuraavia Tuotteita:
    • Products that are, by consumer’s wish, specially custom made, ordered or customized.

6. Delivery time

The delivery time will vary between 7 and 31 days. If the delivery is delayed, we do our best to inform the estimated shipment date within the stated delivery period.

7. Pricing of the products

  • (a) The pricing of the products is what is stated on the online store, unless there is a mistake that is also obvious to the consumer/customer.
  • (b) The pricing of the products includes Value Added Tax (VAT) with the amount that is stated with each product.
  • (c) The pricing does not include postage, unless specially and separately defined.
  • (d) The pricing can be changed any time. However, the purchase price will be the price that was effective at the purchase moment, unless the price was incorrect, as stated in point 7. (a).

8. Our liability

  • (a) Our products are good quality and suitable for their normal usage.
  • (b) If some of our products would not equal what is stated in the point 8. (a), our liability is limited to the purchase price, unless the effective and mandatory laws require broader liability.
  • (c) Under no circumstance, Tablebed Ltd can be held liable for indirect loss, financial losses/ damages or unpredictable losses/ damages. For the sake of clarity, Tablebed Ltd is not liable for any losses or damages or similar to the losses or damages mentioned earlier in this section.
  • (d) We will not be liable for any neglects or delays that are caused by events, official restrictions, or any other similar circumstances that are not under our direct mastery or influence or can be held as force majeure.

9. Changing the terms

Tablebed Ltd reserves all the rights to change these terms at any time and for any reason, when we see it is necessary. For each individual purchase, the terms are those that were defined at the purchasing moment.

10. Conflicts

  • (a) We aim to settle all the possible conflicts that are related to an individual order or a part of it. In the case in which we are not able to settle the issues, the conflict has to be solved in the District Court of Helsinki or in a consumer related issue in his/her principal trial court.
  • (b) If the conflicts cannot be settled in mutual negotiations between parties, the consumer can bring his/her matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (a href=”www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer”>www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/ ) , in order to solve the conflict. Prior to bringing up a potential conflict to the Consumer Disputes Board, consumer has to contact the consumer advice.