TABLEBED is a patented multifunctional and space-saving furniture innovation that transforms from a table into a bed in 10 seconds. TABLEBED is a smart solution when you want to use the square meters efficiently around the clock, whether it’s at your home, summer house, office, or hotel.

Tablebed names as Best Inventions 2021 Special Mention by TIME
Interior Design Best of Year 2021 Honoree
SFDW Honourable Mention 2020
Tablebed awarded as Sleep and Eat Best Product 2020

Tablebed double

Six-person desk, two-person bed

Tablebed Single

Two-person desk, one-person bed

FOR Home and leisure

Make the most of your space with multifunctional furniture innovation TABLEBED.


Maximize the usability of floor coverage and create versatile spaces with TABLEBED.


The story of TABLEBED started with a desire to live more efficiently, more simply, yet more fulfilling. The idea of minimalism motivated Dine Renfors, the inventor of TABLEBED, to find the opportunity of combining a table and a bed into one: two pieces of furniture that take up a significant amount of space but are rarely used at the same time. It did not take long when the first ideas were already sketched on paper.

The barn where first prototypes of Tablebed where made.

Where can I test Tablebed?

We know the importance of seeing the product before making a decision. The TABLEBED products can be experienced in various surroundings, at our selected showrooms, and on the premises of TABLEBED resellers.

“No living space is too small to host a dinner party when your bed doubles as a table.”

– TIME Magazine

Tablebed Black as a table with breakfast

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