Tablebed Valo Hotel & Work

Tablebed increases the capacity of the hotel and office

Valo Hotel & Work is a totally new concept that combines an office and hotel into one. It started its operation at the beginning of September in Helsinki. The rooms are equipped with furniture that enables the space to be used both as an office and a hotel room.

Valo Hotel & Work has 422 rooms. “Valo Hotel & Work is active 24/7”, describes the general manager Tom Strandberg, “Normally, hotels get quiet after business people go to work at 9 am, but here – there is plenty of hustle even then”.

As the concept of Valo Hotel & Work expects rooms to be multifunctional, some of the rooms also include Tablebed. ”With the help of Tablebed, even the conference rooms can be transformed into a room for sleeping. In other words, the room can be used around-the-clock. Tablebed is like a Murphy bed, but its user experience is more versatile. Tablebed is also a beautiful design item.” Strandberg adds.