Do you want to provide the best possible accommodation for your guests, and still be sure that your investment pays you back?

The solution to your problem

TABLEBED provides a solution to the most common problems regarding usage of space, thanks to the multifunctionality of the furniture. It also ensures your return of investment.

Apartment hotels and furnished apartments

When you want your accommodation to feel more homelike, you choose an apartment hotel or a furnished apartment.

By choosing Tablebed you will save space and use the square meters in a more convenient way. Your customers are satisfied as a versatile apartment will be their home away from home. Creating more beds for the guest will also mean more revenue for you.

Tablebed will help your customers…


To live more homelike

Design and quality will help them to feel at home for one night or for several months.


To live more comfortably

The waterproof sealing strip keeps the bed dry even if something is spilt on the table.


To live with a personal touch

Thanks to the high quality mattress the sleeping comfort will be much better than in a sofa bed.

Holiday cottages and holiday centers

What does a stag party and a family holiday have in common? Well, of course the stag party may be the first step for establishing a family, but that is not what we are looking for.

The one thousand dollar answer is: A will to accommodate a large group, appreciation for comfort, shared moments at the dinner table, togetherness, and, of course, enough of places to sleep for the whole group. If there are no places to sleep for everyone, it will be you as a service provider, who will lose money when customers choose another accomodation with more beds.

Increase your accommodation capacity with Tablebed, that has been awarded the Design from Finland -mark. Secure your customers satisfaction, and earn more money.

Hotels, hostels and other accommodation providers

Same room, many ways to use it.

Tablebed, that has been awarded the Design from Finland -mark, can adapt the room of the hotel or hostel to meet the demands of that particular moment.

Three reasons to choose Tablebed:


Save space

Use the square meters in a more convenient and effective way


Increase the customers satisfaction

By providing an all-round and multifunctional room you can pay attention to different kind of customers groups


Create more accommodation capacity

Accommodate more people and earn more money.

Offices and office hotels

Tablebed is the perfect fit for the relaxing room of the office, for the employees recovering moments of rest: “alone and together”.

Companies where people travel a lot from one unit to another and needs accommodation, can easily create rooms where the employees can charge their batteries. Like the old phrase goes: “My office is my home”.

A furniture that adapts to the needs is a perfect match for office hotels that wants to double their entrepreneurial potential: “Office by day, hotel by night”.

Three interesting facts:


Did you know, that according to the study FinTerveys 2017, 25 percent of the over 30 year old finns feel they get too little sleep.


Already a 10-20 minutes nap adds to your vitality and alertness. A royal siesta for 60 minutes enhances your memory.


People eating the same food together, feels that they belong to the same community. A shared meal will bring people closer to each other, and strengthen the bonds. Your people’s wellbeing, happiness and dreams can be just one nap or one shared dinner away. That’s the reason for combining two pieces of furniture to one – TABLEBED.

Construction companies

Mini-studios are a continuously growing niche, how to get the maximal space in them without giving away anything in the living experience?

With space saving, stylish and reasonable prices furnitures you can maximize the square meters of life!

The way to a person’s heart is, as we all know, through the stomach. And the happiness of the family is made in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Well, Tablebed, that has been awarded the Design from Finland-mark, turns from a table to a bed in just 10 seconds.

Help your customers to live in a unique and dignified way

Ota yhteyttä ja ratkaise kohteesi sisustus- ja tilahaasteet!

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Let Tablebed solve your challenges with your interior and space


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